30+ Pc Gaming Accessories For The Ultimate Gaming Setup 2022

Let’s have a closer look at all the must-have PC gaming accessories available for 2022, including those that stand the test of time and newcomers that push the boundaries of innovatiGrosir Pc Gaming Medan on. Here they are:

DAC mixing between audio sources

For $249.99 MSRP, you can pick up thToko Pc Gaming Medan get=”_blank”>Jual Pc Gaming di Medan Distributor Pc Gaming Medan is very comfortable headset from Steelseries. It is packed with options and offers great sound for gamers on all systems. While it’s quite expensive compared to a lot of headsets on the market, you get a lot for that price. Let’s take a closer look:

Although it was released in 2018 it still hangs with the pack because it was the first gaming headset to come with genuine Hi-Res audio support. Everyone else is still playing catch-up. It’s a full headset with a mic, making it ideal for PS or PC gamers, though our only nit-pick is that the mic can peak quite easily.

The Arctis Pro is equipped with a Game DAC hardware unit and all the necessary cords to hook the headset up, including an optical cord, USB, and even a tiga.5mm jack if you want to use this beast on your phone. 

As far as comfort and general use, there are no complaints. It’s made from high-quality parts, it’s nicely elasticated, and you can actually adjust them for the perfect fit. We had no duduk perkara with heat or discomfort after hours of gameplay.

With DAC you can mix between gaming and calls, change the volume on the fly, and ensure there’s no interference. With realistic surround sound, this is currently one of the best computer accessories for gamers and will go well with any top gaming PC.

Part of our love for this 2022 gaming headset is its name. The other part is its powerful bass, good quality mic, and programmable lighting – yeah, it’s definitely for gamers and we love it.

At $129.99 we find it affordable for the quality it offers. It provides THX Spatial Audio for a loud and full surround sound experience, all while doing so in great comfort and style – if pulsing green lighting is your thing.

The fact that it’s hardwired only is not a major issue, as that’s fairly standard, but it’s also only USB, so that knocks off a quarter of a star. 

Feature-wise, you can change the volume with a wheel at the back of the earcup. The mute button is on the mic capsule and will glow red when squeezed. Once plugged in you’ll get the Razer Synapse aplikasi, which gives you equalizer, mixer, mic, and lighting settings, meaning its full potential is only found on the PC. If you want to really vibe, you can sync the lights with all your other Razer gear!

We found the mic surprisingly high quality, with good Active Noise Cancellation (if you remember to turn it on). Like most headsets, it’s not the best for recordings, but for straight gaming or streaming it’s perfect. And, for listening to music the bass is exceptional. 

Overall, if you want a high-quality gaming headset for PC, every wheelspin, gunshot, and step on crunchy gravel loudly and clearly, with some extra lighting goodness – this easily sits within the best computer gaming setup.

This is the headset you want if you’re looking for options at less than $100, which is entry-level for proper gaming headsets. For just $79.99 MSRP you get a competent wireless full surround sound experience, which is light and comfortable for those long day or night sessions.

Battery life is good at around 17 hours and it’s no dilema to connect via USB. When you are wireless, it uses a 2.4GHz dongle to ensure you don’t get any quality loss, lagging, or other annoying interference because of a poor connection. To change volume just stroke the wheel behind the ear cup.

The mic is surprisingly good at this price point, with a 50Hz to 18kHz frequency range, noise cancellation, and a sturdy but responsive boom arm that you can position just the way you like it.

Its aplikasi is basic, allowing you to turn 7.1 on or off and change volumes. In-play you get good bass if a little on the heavy side. The sound is generally clear and directional – you won’t miss signals in the distance during a heavy gunfight, for example.

The best PC gaming headset for the money and perfect as regular computer gaming gear. However, it’s not necessarily something you’d use for a streaming channel or video/podcast production. 

The Razer Seirēn X is an affordable and high-quality USB mic, ideal for streamers who are beyond headsets and want something a bit more professional. It’s essentially plug-and-play, designed well to be portable, and will pick up good vocals without the need for much post-production for secondary uploads.

However, despite being frontward facing you can still often hear keyboard and mouse noise and the bass and low mid-range could be better. For $99.99 MRSP though, we’d say it’s one of the best at this price point.

Design-wise, it’s as small as a soda can and looks professional in black (not overly-gamer), though you can always go for the pink model if you prefer to stand out. It is also well made and sturdy to absorb shock and desk juddering, and you can change the volume and mute controls with a dial and button on the mic itself.

The specs are what you’d expect at this price; one supercardioid polar pattern, 16-bit bit rate, and 48KHz sample rate. As noted, its background cancellation is not great, but it’s only immediate noises that it’ll pick up, not people chattering downstairs.

Ultimately, for gaming and streaming on a budget without being called out Harga Pc Gaming di Medan by your friends for sounding like a robot, there’s a lot to like about the Razer Seirēn X.

Ideal for podcasters, gamers, and streamers who don’t want to break their bank balance. The Elgato Wave 3 is a professional-looking USB mic that provides solid clean audio, a sturdy stand, and useful mixer aplikasi to combine and switch through audio sources mid-stream. At $159.99 MRSP it’s a step-up from entry-level and will instantly improve any cool gaming PC.

Spec-wise it has a good 70Hz to 20kHz frequency range, 24 bitrate, and 96KHz sample rate, which is good for this price point. However, there’s still only one fixed cardioid, so it will attempt to focus solely on your vocals (and to be fair it does this wеll). There are no mic switching patterns, so this isn’t something a musician could use, for example.

You get a dial/button combo for volume, gain, headphone volume, and mute, with LED lights to see levels. There’s also a tiga.5mm jack to plug your headphones directly into the mic.

Wave Link perangkat lunak is included for free so you can blend audio sources efficiently. This is very light on resources, so you won’t get lag on even the oldest of PCs. A great feature for streamers.

Overall, sound quality is good live and will require minimal post-production for re-uploads or other productions.  

This extended gaming surface from Razer ticks all the boxes for serious gamers and can be picked up for less than $50 in some cases, making it one of those awesome gamer gifts. It illuminates in multiple ways and colors when you swipe your mouse across, take your aim, and celebrate in vibrant victory.

Razer Chroma delivers a spectrum of 16.8 million colors and can be easily personalized in an endless amount of ways, from alerts and notifications to certain in-game actions. What’s more, it’s optimized with gaming mice in mind, meaning no sensitivity issues and responsive tracking.

The material is designed to find the balance between speed and control, which while we think it does well, the occasional wrinkling can get annoying and it’s far from perfect. On the other hand, it’s somehow pretty good at keeping the dust away.

The dimensions can accommodate your keyboard and mouse, giving you space of 294 mm / 11.57 in (Length) X 920 mm / 36.22 in (Width) X tiga mm / 0.12 in (Height).

Like a lot of this type of cool gamer gear, you are better off performance-wise and financially to get everything from the same merk in a bundle.

Let’s face it, gaming mats can be more fun than substance, but SteelSeries delivers high performance with their QCK Prism RGB gaming surface, without overdoing the lighting. It’s actually really intuitive and functional, with some RGB for good measure.

As standard it’s a 3XL cloth, so you’re looking at 48 x 24 inches, accommodating your entire keyboard and mouse setup. It’s ideal for the best PC gaming mouses because it allows you to cover all possible lines on motion, without veering off the mat and making an error.

However, they do offer a wide range of sizes and colors on the official website, if you have a particularly unique setup or want a logo or theme. Sizes can reach 5XL, but the price rises steeply and it’s rare for someone to need anything larger than 3XL.

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