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An great idea incorporating elements from both sliding and folding gate designs.

Ideal for wide openings where space is restricted and/or too tight for alternate auto gate systems.

Benefits of Trackless Folding Gates

New innovations for residential or commercial security, like the swinging bi-fold gate, reduce the anxiety of property owners concerning their living space and security.

Work on any floor conditionsThe automatic trackless folding gate system can be introduced on any floor condition. Fundamental explanation is on the grounds that it doesn’t require any ground track like more established folding gates. This are the advanced innovation autogate.

Our custom help columns and gate pivots give our folding gate better help for an a lot more prominent weight. That is very nearly two or three dozen grown-up dairy animals attempting to pull your trackless folding gate leaves down.

More extensive autogate opening Our folding autogate system overlap away totally to give you a more extensive opening space on your entryway front. This will take into consideration simpler vehicle section and leaves when the folding gate is being used.

With complex plan of working linkages, our trackless folding gate keeps up auxiliary honesty for long haul use. This multi inking trackless autogate system gives the long haul arrangement and equalization important for your folding gate.

Reinforcement power consistently

Our trackless folding gate systems incorporate a battery-powered reinforcement battery for continuous activities (UPS). This gives you 24-hour authority over your autogate system, in any event, when there is no power to the folding gate.

One primary element of trackless folding gate is the movable pulling arms. It permits us to change the gate leaves and make a trackless folding gate which extends for a more extensive width.

With our establishment technique, no divider harm is important for your trackless folding gate. There is no requirement for any floor hacking during the establishment.

Our folding gate system overlays away totally to give you a more extensive opening space. This will consider simpler vehicle section and leaves when the folding gate is being used.

folding gate medan We utilize aluminum tempered steel to guarantee quality and dependability in our folding gate instrument. In spite of the fact that heavier and more grounded, it’s far less inclined to twist or twist under power, or weight.

Older folding gate with tracks catch trash and accumulate water when cleaning the porch. But you wouldn’t have to worry about this with a trackless folding gate.

Broken gate track wheels can be costly to replace and worst, stop you from using the folding gate. With a trackless folding gate system, you do not need the track. It’s a total cost saving.

Broken gate roller bearings can be costly to replace, & may caused stop you from using the folding gate. With a trackless folding gate system, you do not need the roller. A truly hassle free gate system.

Our trackless folding gate is equipped with system patented turning arm lock system (optional), lock every panel of the gate, making it more stable & difficult to be break into, strengthening the security of your house paling aman. 

A multi-tier protection provides double protection to prevent force break-in cases with patented turning point arm lock system, anti-force latch and secure stopper to stabilize the gate without digital lock. 

A type of powerful liquid chemical purification to remove soils on aluminium prior coating process, to ensure powder perfectly coated on its material and long lasting gate for loner durability. 

Latest and the newest imported technology to ensure the inner & outer of aluminium frame is welded in optimal standard.

Copper & stainless steel bearing to build-in for heavy duty copper bearing for smooth operation to enhance lifespan of the auto gate motor. What you waiting for? Get a free consultation & free quote from our autogate specialist today.

Trackless folding gate system is your ideal upgrade from the less durable auto gate with ground tracks either aluminium material or stainless steel, both works great.

Our auto gate professionals are always standing by to tailor made your needs on your home security.

We provide customer lifestyle with most valuable product and paling aman. We also constantly add in more value-added features as well as creating more creative automatic gate design to catch the customer’s trends and needs from time to time. We are a trusted merk and recognized merk across Malaysia. Developed the modern with safety trackless folding gate system in Malaysia.

Meeting Your Demands, well trained service team offering timely service, with internal customer service team & onsite service team support, make customer convenience a priority, mind customer before and after experience keeping improve of service from our customer feedback. We are specialist in autogate repair, installation & sales.

A totally Solutions, supplying quality gate products mechanized production to reach the optimum standard, in-house powder coated panggang to ensure product quality, lower customer future maintenance cost, pioneered a range of product to suit different client needs, act on those recommendations to improve the design, product and system, made in Malaysia.

Sturdy Trackless Folding Gate With High Security Technology To Prevent Forced Break in

Electric Gate Safety For Your Family With Latest & Trendy Trackless Folding Auto Gate System in Malaysia.

The Electric Gate MotorThe backbone of any electric gate, whether automatic or not, is the electric gate motor, two distinct motor types exist hydraulic, or electromechanical. This is the electric device which actually enables the electric gate to open and close without having to manually push the gate.

Electric Gate SafetyThe safety of an automated gate is an important consideration, in the European Union, automated gate paling aman is specified by a series of European Normalisations. An automated gate that has not been fitted with paling aman in mind can potentially become a major hazard particularly to untrained users. Various paling aman devices are available to make sure that your gates meet the highest of European or American safety standards.

Gate and SecuritySince electric gates operate slowly, they don’t offer good protection against unauthorized entrance. If security is a dilema a video surveillance camera should be installed.

Electric gates alone, however solid and imposing they may be, cannot guarantee a completely secure environment electric locks, are often needed to boost the locking effectiveness of the gate motors. Electric gates are recommended to be used in combination with other security features to install a full security system. A few of these features are closed circuits with security cameras, additional gates in conjunction with the main gate, electronic keycards and keypads, security guards.

Aside from the additional security features that should go with parking barrier gates, electric security gates often offer safety features like sensors that determine when there is an obstruction to prevent the electronic gate from swinging into a vehicle or closing on somebody’s hands. To prevent the electronic gates from being damaged by irresponsible drivers driving fast speed bumps are also commonly placed before gate entrances to slow down vehicles.

Safety RegulationsIn the United States all the electric gate installations must meet Underwriters Laboratories 325 (UL 325) standard while in Europe installations must meet with the Machinery directive 2006/42/EC with EN13241-1 being the regulations concerning gates.

The installer of the gate is responsible for the conformity to regulation, not the manufacturer. The two main EN regulations that then apply are EN 12453 which describes the paling aman levels that should be observed when installing a gate and EN12445 which describes the testing method that must be undertaken.

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